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Strong Cotton Prices

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As cotton prices remain at a steady high, this year’s cotton season is shaping up to be the best for a few years.

Farmers around Central Queensland are beginning the process of cotton picking now, earlier than usual.

Moura farmer Greg Hutchinson is among the many cotton farmers in the Callide Dawson.

“Anyone in CQ can be picking January and July,” Mr Hutchinson said.

“It was a warm August so we planted earlier to pick earlier to get away from weather events, if a cyclone was to come down or floods.

“Some farmers in Theodore picked last month. I don’t think they have ever picked that early.”

The Hutchinsons have planted 900 hectares of cotton on irrigated land and 200 hectares on dry land.

“We’re all the way from foliating, ready to pick in a week’s time, and cotton that is only a month old and is starting to flower, it still has a whole season to go,” Mr Hutchinson said.

At more than 1000 hectares it is more cotton than they have planted before.

“It’s the biggest season we have done, we are bringing new areas into production,” Mr Hutchinson said.

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